Index of links to ideas in the online text of The Paradox of Progress


Mending the lock

'This poor old thing has nearly had it' - the significance of double meaning

'The sun has gone in - I always called her my sunshine' - the power of analogy

'It's progress, isn't it' - call-out to a new block of sheltered flats

'I think he's dead, doctor' - the farmer at the end of the long road

'Tell me what to STOP doing...' - on being told to measure the height of every adult patient every three years.

'Do you do anything else with your time?'   And the follow-on ‘OK, tell me something you read in the BMJ this week…’

‘My Daddy has just collapsed, please come.’

'with God's help, and Dr Wilson...'


MOLWA - the Ministry of Leaving Well Alone

The Law of Multiple Returns

The Ocean of Congruity

Memory Boxes


Rules for Rules (Table)

The New Culture (Table)


We have no way of counting up the contents of our minds

Everything in life is relative

The power of analogy

In life education  - for understanding - is more important than training - for performance.

Learning takes place not through a process akin to photographing data, but by the fine-tuning of a personal synthesis

Definition of a generalist (thanks to Karl Popper) A generalist never says something is of no interest to him

Nature favours the generalist  Eight explanations :

1 Our experience is bigger than we believe possible  2 Interval training 3 The law of multiple returns 4 The power of analogy 5 The pump priming effect  6 Motivation 7 Skimming the cream

We have broken the feedback loop


The insanity - i.e. imbalance - of the 'corporate mind of society'.

The difficulty of writing a computer program to give advice on drinking

Specialisation is a cop-out from Life

Three reasons why the specialist view of life is super-distorted: Exclusion   Large numbers  Retrospect

'Coincidences' as a clue to understanding the true size of the experience recorded in our minds

Some doctors must be allowed to choose not to video-record their patient's consultations


The crux of the paradox

The answer is not exactly under our noses, but an inch or two above and behind our noses

Conclusion - the balanced way forward


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